“These are not your typical prettified confections…They’re truffles for the purist, unadorned squares of chocolate that let their flavor do the talking”. Greg Cox, senior food editor Raleigh News & Observer newspaper

Welcome To Azurelise Chocolate Truffles


Azurelise makes chocolate gift shopping for hard to please chocolate enthusiasts fun, stress and risk free. Since 2002, the flavors on Azurelise’s chocolate truffle menu have delighted the palates of chocolate lovers worldwide, chocolate lovers who won’t settle for less than the gold standard. Azurelise chocolate truffles are that standard.

Order Online


Visit Azurelise Chocolate Truffle Kiosk to purchase Ready to Go boxes of Milk and Dark Chocolate Classic, Sea Salt Caramel and  hocolate Truffle assortments. 

Azurelise Chocolate Shop is located at 702 N. Boylan Ave. in Raleigh, North Carolina’s historic Glenwood-Brooklyn district.

Kiosk Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12:00pm-3;30pm and 4:30pm-8pm

Friday 12:00pm-3;30pm and 4:30pm-7pm

Wednesday: 4pm – 8pm   

Sunday: 12:00pm-5:00pm


If street parking is not available, Azurelise Chocolate Shop customers may park in Sahara Cafe’s parking lot on the Northwest corner of Peace Street & Boylan Avenue.

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