choc2My goal as a gourmet chocolate truffle maker is to create unique and superior chocolate taste experiences. Toward accomplishing this goal, I follow two rules I adopted when I founded Chocolate Truffles by Azurelise in 2002: “Don’t copy or imitate other chocolate truffle makers” and “Make chocolate truffles other chocolate truffle makers can’t copy or imitate”. I have abided by these two rules in creating each new Azurelise chocolate truffle flavor on my menu. They all are based on recipes I composed without referring to other chocolate makers’ recipes or relying on their instruction. Following my two rules provides me with half of an answer to the question “What makes your chocolate truffles special?” The other half of the answer can only be given after people put Azurelise chocolate truffles in their mouths.

What follows are answers to questions customers often ask me about the origin of the name “Azurelise”, when and how I got into the chocolate truffle making business, why I don’t make pretty chocolate truffles etc..

Reginald O. Savage
Raleigh, NC

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