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“I just pop one in my mouth and I’m happy.”

Amanda Huegerich

Joyce Fowler, manager of Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s A Southern Season’s candy department, News & Observer Interview: “Azurelise chocolate truffles don’t taste like any others. The fillings are very pure…They’re very fresh. They are complex like wine with a beginning, middle and finishing taste. The flavors don’t jump out in your face…Very subtle. It takes a little longer for the flavors to bloom in your mouth. You tend to be more thoughtful when you’re eating them.”

Christina L. (Raleigh, NC) Yelp Review: “Finally some good chocolate outside of Belgium! My husband is Belgian and the family sends us great chocolates. After having real Belgian chocolate it’s hard to eat most of the stuff you buy in the US. Even the imported “Belgian” chocolate here is usually not the best quality. It’s usually the “grocery store” brands you would find in Belgium. Southern Season has some nice chocolates, Neuhaus is probably the best Belgian chocolate they carry. We were lucky enough yesterday to meet the chocolatier behind the Azurelise brand, sold at Southern Season. We had a sample and spoke to the gentleman for a while. We decided to buy a box because they were so good! We ate them all already…so now we have to get more. Track these chocolates down if you are looking for some really good treats.”

Ted Z. (Chapel Hill, NC) Yelp Review: “Skip over the Godiva and Neuhaus sections at A Southern Season and head to the small stack of Azurelise chocolates sandwiched between the glass display cases. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet Reginald Savage, the master chocolatier himself, who will let you sample one (or three in my case) pieces of his delicious creations. These things taste like nothing I’ve ever had before. I’ve tried a raspberry truffle, orange truffle, hazelnut buttercream, and milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramels (they taste even better than they sound). He advised me to put the entire fruit truffles in my mouth because the fresh fruit just oozes out when you bite in. He used to sell truffles with alcohol in them (such as the popular “Genius” truffle made with Guinness), but these were banned, at least temporarily – rumor has it they may be on the way back, so stay on the lookout.”

Candy Addict Chocolate Review by Brian Silpa: “The truffles aren’t your ordinary fancy, embellished truffles. These look, in fact… ordinary. They are approximately 1.25″ x 1.25″ x 0.5″ – they have no fancy flowers on them or swirly-q or anything else. Just a simple plaid pattern and the word AZURELISE diagonally across them…”

“The milk chocolate is wonderful. The chocolate has a good thickness to it and is nice and smooth. The center plays well with the milk chocolate in a plain, but delicious, chocolate sort of way. The dark chocolate has a definite dark chocolate bite to it and if you like dark chocolate you should love this. Like the milk chocolate, the outer shell of the dark chocolate is nice and thick and also plays well with the truffle center…”

“Both the milk and dark chocolate truffles are excellent and I can give them both a hearty two thumbs up. “

Shalina Peera, Food Obsessed Review: “My favorite sweets combination is sea salt, caramels and dark chocolate. i’ve eaten quite a few sea salt caramel chocolates (sscc) in the past few years to determine which is the best 🙂 azurelise is a chocolatier located in raleigh, north carolina and i originally saw these tasty treats on the food network …so i was super happy to get them as a gift in the mail from a friend (thanks alysha!). they are very very (very) tasty and one of the best sea salt caramel chocolates (sscc) that i’ve tried in a long time.”

“the best part about these sweet treats is the salted caramel, it has the perfect amount of sea salt and it’s evenly distributed. some of the sscc that i’ve tried in the past don’t have enough sea salt in the caramel ..or they put the sea salt on top of the chocolate encasing the caramel …which tends to fall off of during transit!!! i also love the texture of azurelise’s caramel, it’s perfect because it doesn’t run all over your hands (for being too soft) or get stuck in your teeth (for being too hard/chewy). the caramel texture is the same consistency of whipped butter — creamy, velvety, light and airy! another great thing about these chocolates is the size, they are big and not itty bitty!! most sscc are small enough for one bite, but you can get FOUR bites out of the azurelise chocolates! i’m happy to report that azurelise ships to locations all over the US, yippee!!”

Michelle C., (Corpus Christi TX) Yelp Review: “These truffles are my new favorite thing! I stumbled upon them while on a business trip when I visited A Southern Season. They are divine! I was always a milk chocolate person but after I tasted the dark chocolate sea salt caramels, I couldn’t believe my taste buds! I ordered some for Valentine’s Day for my boyfriend and the owner actually called me directly to help me with my order. A few days later, he called again to make sure I’d received my order and was happy with it. I highly recommend these truffles! Not only are they delicious, but they are made by a genuinely passionate person who cares greatly about the quality of his product and the satisfaction of his customers.”

Liz C., (Delray Beach, FL) Yelp Review: “Great truffles, you can really tell they are homemade! The owner Reginald even called me personally when my order had not arrived, great customer service!”

Allysha T., (Raleigh, NC) Yelp Review: “BEST SEA SALT CARAMEL TRUFFLES IN RALEIGH. (Although my neighbors come pretty close) A girlfirend sent me his link and I’ve since run into these chocolates at a Southern Season and and Whole Foods (Raleigh). I also special ordered about a dozen or so boxes around Christmas time – they make fabulous gifts! My favorites are the Dark/Milk chocolate combination Sea Salt Caramel Truffles. Lots of Caramel. Perfect caramel texture (not too runny and not to thick and chewy) I get about 2 to 3 bites out of each. AND THE BEST PART: the salt. There are tiny pieces throughout the caramel. Delicious. I would suggest ordering online. You can pick and choose different combinations, they are all good and you will have FRESH truffles! yay!! I was lucky enough to receive a test batch of chocolates infused with Shiraz – SWOON. Reginald Savage is a very nice man and awesome chocolatier, hats off to you my friend!”

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